About Couture Events


I, have been in the event planning

industry for over 5 years. As the owner and co-founder of Couture Events, llc and the Couture Experience, I never imagined my love for designing would result in me becoming a Certified Florist. 3 years ago I unexpectedly had to create florals due to an unexpected cancellation. This forced me to spring into action in order to make sure the client was pleased. From that moment forward, my love for florals and designs was heightened. I enrolled in several courses at Midlands Technical College and obtained a Flora Certification. This is a high demand market, so I continue to build my skill-set in order to give each client a unique experience.  In addition to being the owner of Couture Events, I am also the wife of Troy Boles and a mom of 4 sons. I am very thankful that two of my children assist with my events. It’s a real Family Business, lol?